Mireille Berrard


52e Salon de l'ADDAC

Présente du 7 au 14 octobre 2017
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Mandelieu-La Napoule

Exposition de peinture de Mireille Berrard de Gérard Bost et Alain Vibert. Présenté du 28 mars au 9 avril 2017
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Espace Galerie "Le coin des arts"

Présente du 2 au 30 novembre 2016 Mireille Berrard et Alain Vibert
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Espace Galerie "Le coin des arts"

Exposition du 2 au 31 octobre 2015. Vernissage jeudi 8 octobre 2015 à 18 h.
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2ème salon d'automne

Académie des beaux-arts de Provence - Côte d'Azsur du 12 au 18 septembre 2015
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Salon du Cercle des Artistes Européens

Espace Muséal - Château-Mairie / Tourettes-sur-Loup. Du 15 décembre 2013 au 8 mars 2014
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4ème salon du Cercle des Artistes Européens

Sur le thème de la musique en hommage à Mireille Berrard. Du 6 septembre au 25 octobre 2013.
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3ème salon du Cercle des Artistes Européens

Casino de Contrexéville. Du 3 au 31 août 2013.
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L'Hivernal de Lyon

Présente le 56ième salon d'hiver. Du 14 janvier au 7 février 2012.. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

L'Association Internationale des Beaux Arts com2Art

Soirée de vernissage, jeudi 13 octobre 2011. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

Artistes du monde exposition internationale

Exposition du 19 au 24 juillet 2011. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

1er Salon International d'Arts Plastiques

Exposition du 25 juin au 11 juillet 2011. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

26e Grand Prix de peintures Miramar 2011

Exposition du 14 au 21 juin 2011. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

L'hivernal de Lyon présente le 55ème salon d'hiver 2011

Exposition du 15 janvier au 4 février 2011. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

22ème Salon International 2010 du grand prix d'Arts Plastiques "L'Aigle de Nice"

Exposition du 24 novembre au 11 décembre 2010. Voir l'affiche au format PDF 22ème Salon International 2010 du grand prix d'Arts Plastiques "L'Aigle de Nice"

Salon d'Automne de Peinture Contemporaine - "La Musique au bout du Pinceau"

Exposition du 11 au 19 septembre 2010. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

25e grand prix de peinture "MIRAMAR" 2010

Exposition du 15 au 23 juin 2010. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

Salon international du monde de la culture et des arts

Exposition du 30 juin au 6 juillet 2010. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

"La Musique au bout du Pinceau" - Mireille Berrard rend hommage à Chopin

Exposition du 23 juin au 20 juillet 2010. Voir l'affiche au format PDF

Le PROGRES, Lyon (France) June 1992

There is an unrivalled exhibition at the municipal library in St Didier au Mt d'Or (Lyon-Rhône), which is the scene of paintings by Mireille Berrard representing Mozart's Operas, the "Flûte Enchantée" and "Don Giovanni".

Mozar's world is recreated by this artist: a world of emotions, movement and colour. The paintings are exhibited in two floors, the first floor shows "Don Giovanni" with its wonderfully strong gold, red and black colours, and on the second floor is the "Flûte Enchantée" a fairy-tale world which topples over into a venetian palace scenery.

Mireille Berrard's painting is full of symbols and allegories. She evokes and suggest more than actually composing. It is more the mystical language of music that artist has wanted to create. Mireille Berrard has brillantly succeeded in this, and her exhibition is a wonderful mary-go-round of colours and shapes.

Mireille Berrard is a french artist influenced by the Mediterranean atmosphere. She studied graphics art in Paris and also had a solid musical training - 14 years of piano, poetry, painting and... music. Since 1980 Mireille has participated in many international musical festivals throughout Europe, presenting her "graphical equivalences" - symbolic and inspired calligraphy - the true language of the soul.

The Mireille Berrard exhibition of recent painting inspired by "Don Giovanni" and the "Flûte Enchantée" is a tribute to Mozart at the municipal library, House of "Carriers".

A Painter of Musical World
"Gstaad My Love" Switzerland No 9, Christmas 1993

Mireille Berrard expresses melodic nuances, fortissimo and pianissimo expressions by movement. In the last ten years she has participated in many musical festivals with her paintings dedicated to great musicals works.

Her passion for outline drawing began during her childhood. From the age of ten, she was influenced by her father's passion for calligraphy, studying music and the pinao at the same time. Finnaly she chose outline drawing and acquired a classical formation at L'Ecole des Arts Appliquées, L'Ecole Normale Supérieure de L'Enseignement Technique. She studied under engraver Hélène de COSTER and the scultor SWOBODA.

Mireille Berrard has illustrated many books, in particular for the following authors, Paul VALERY, Saint-John-Perse, Colette, Albert CAMUS and Bernard CLAVEL. In 1973, her meating with George MATHIEU in Berlin will greathy influence her life and future works. She discovers the Far East and Zen. These meetings bring about a change from the figurative art towards what Mireille calls lyrical abstraction wich gives free range for improvisation, speed, the unknown, the imagination and hazards.

From this moment, Mireille combined her musical culture and her drawing techniques to create works wich express the graphical equivalences in music and painting, like her illustrations predecessor Kadinsky, Mireille Berrard believes that the laws governing the harmony of painting and of music are the same. Her works have been exhibited in Germany, Luxembourg, Denmark, the USA and several times in Gstaad; at the Palace Hotel in 1980 and 1981 during the inauguration by Yehudi Menuhin; during the Academic Musical Weeks at Lenk; at the Music and Snow Festival at Les Diablerets, in Geneva in 1982 and at the ABC and UNA Galleries in 1983 a tribute to Ernest Ansermet for Berlioz, Ravel and Debussy. In 1984 and 1986, Mireille's work was show during the International Weeks at Ascona, and at Alpengala in 1989; also at the UBS Gallery in Gstaad in 1991 as a tribute to Mozart, with her painting representing "La flûte Enchantée" and "Don Giovanni". This same exhibition was repeated at the AlpenRose in Shöenried in 1992.

At the present time, Mireille Berrard is for the 100th anniversary of the death of Tchaïkowsky she will exhibit this works at Ascona and at Schöenried, together with her work on Scriabine whoses theory on "correspondances" and universal vibrations she shares.

Painting inspired by Music
Le PROGRES, Journal de Sâone et Loire (France) March 1994

Exibition at the Amandier Gallery. Mireille Berrard spent her childhood in Algeria and is forever marked by the light. She met Georges MATHIEU and is forever marked by symbols and movement, life has done the rest, graphical art studies in Paris, a wide experience of engraving and sclupture, numerous books illustrations for well-known authors and poets, and a passion for music have all played their part in Mireille Berrard's career.
Today this mature artist paints what she calls "graphical equivalences in music and painting", following in Kandinsky's footsteps. That is to say that her painting appear to be a symphony.

Light is the first element. "White is my colour" Mireille likes to say. It is full of golden and blue stripes, of thrusts and heart-rending passion. It is no good looking for an explanation or an illustration of an idea. Her world is pure sensation and pure inspired enthousiasm and immediately perceptible.

Mireille Berrard has exhibited her work in many prestigious places in France and abroad has obtained many prizes and participated in numerous musical festivals. Her paintings at the Amandier Gallery are worth discovering.

Hommage a Leoncavallo
Brissago - Sabato 31 maggio 1997

Mostra di pitture di Mireille Berrard ispirate da personaggi operistici

I personnaggi del mondo teatrale, e specialmente di quello melodrammatico, hanno spesso stimolato la fantasia di molti pittori che si sono poi sbizzarriti con costumi, situazioni drammatiche e scenografie: da Chodowietsky e Goya a Dégas, Picasso e Chagall, fino ai nostri Benoit, Guttuso e Luzzati. Questi artisti hanno cercato di fissare concretamente con i loro pennelli le sensazioni più disparate della più astatta delle arti: la musica.

Mireille Berrard é nata in a Orano e ha trascorso l'infanzia alal luce del l'Algeria multicolore. Ha studiato a Parigi presso l'Ecole des Arts Appliqués e l'Ecole Normale Superieure de l'Enseignement Technique, dove ha perfezionato la sua tecnica per l'arte libraria, la litographia e la serigraphia. Dopo un incotro a Berlino con Georges Mathieu scopre l'Astrazione Lirica e la Calli graphia Zen e comincia una ricerca tutta personale sui parallelismi grafici fra Musica e Pittura. Nel 1979 presenta a Berlino un omaggio a Beethoven, Mahler et Messiaen. Nel 1980 e nel 1981 a Gstaad, nell'ambito dei Festival Yehudi Menuhin, partecipa all'espozione "dalla Musica... alla Pittura". Questa tematica è ormai diventata la sua principale fonte di ispirazione e di attività, e i luoghi che ospitano le sue mostre sono i principali centri di manifestazioni musicali europei: Salisburgo, Bayrueth, Avignone, Ginevra, ecc.

Per i bibliofili segnaliamo le molteplici illustazioni librarie di opere di importanti autori quali Paul Valèry, Collette, Bernard Clavel, Albert Camus.

Cross Atlantic Wandering
Confluences n° 93 - March 1998

Tribute to Gershwin from 5 to 31 March 1998
Espace Confluences
1, rue Saint Jean

Participating at the launch of author Charles André’s first novel “Errance” (Wandering), Mireille Berrard presents her show, "Cross-Atlantic Wandering", recalling her recent trip to Canada and the United States. Thirty (30) paintings on arch executed in a mixed technique illustrating splendid autumn sceneries of the Laurentians, Mont-Royal overlooking Montreal and phantasmagoric visions of New York City’s days and nights... including a salute to Gerswhin on this hundredth anniversary of his birth - the Rhapsody in Blue, the American in Paris and Cuban Overture.